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XI series Operation over 11,000 days.

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Launch Date30th/June/200327th/Oct/2005
Main MissionsNano-satellite technology demonstrationNano-satellite technology demonstration
Verification of newly developed solar cells
Satellite StatusNormalNormal
Operation StatusLater Term OperationLater Term Operation


The satellites status data and pictures from the space are sent to you by an email.
Details are from XI MAIL STATION.

XI-V Twitter

You can see XI-IV tweet from here.
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Latest News



AIAA/USU Small Satellite Conference.

Prof. Goda


Training course for new members.

Members cake


The fourteenth anniversary of XI-IV, CUTE-I and the twelveth anniversary of XI-V launch.

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Operation Information

XI-IV and V's satellite status, sensor data, images and the operation schedule are on
the ground station web page.
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Launch Information


CW decode Chat Hz
Flower Toast Once Again

XI-V mission: About missions changed from IV.
Launch information: General information about the launch.
Shipment and launch site work is reported here.
The launch day events are reported here.



Shipment and launch information is reported in detail here.
Launch operation in Russia is reported here.
The launch day events are reported here.(From the evening on June 30)

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Service Information

Verification Card: We will send verification cards to those who caught the signal from XI-IV.
* We will also send you sample even if you are not a radio operator. There are some restrictions in that case.

XI MAIL Station:
"XI MAIL Station" is the system which delivers images and house-keeping information of XI to you by an e-mail.
Shot on Sep. 17  Shot on Oct. 5  Shot on Nov. 4  Shot on Nov. 14  Shot on Nov. 25

About distributing the images: The images in this homepage can be distributed as long as you add the description of "© ISSL, University of Tokyo, JAPAN". However, transferring money using the images is strictly prohibited.

Star Dreams: Your message will be launched with XI-IV.
* This mission was finished successfully, and your messages are now in space. Thank you for your participation.

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