XI-V Missions

XI-V[sai-five] is originally developed as a backup and a hardware simulator of XI-IV[sai-four] using the same design at the same time. It was tested in parallel with XI-IV and used for analyses of XI-IV behavior in orbit.
This time, XI-V is going to be launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome(Russia) on August 25th 2005 loaded on ESA’s educational purpose satellite SSETI Express.
New additional missions are introduced here.

Mission #1 : demonstration of CIGS solar cells

The space demonstration of CIGS (Cu(In,Ga)Se2) solar cells which are developed by NEDO and application to space environment is researched by JAXA. The CIGS cell is expected to have much radiation tolerance, and its long-term degradation will be evaluated using XI-V. Other than CIGS cells, GaAs cells are also tested on XI-V, which will be used on ISSL's next nano-satellite "PRISM".
Figure2:CIGS cell
Solar Cells
Figure3:Solar cells mounted on XI-V

Mission #2 : Earth image acquisition

The resolution of the acquired image is improved compared with XI-IV, and the rapid shooting function is implemented to estimate the attitude motion of the satellite.
picture size
Figure4:Picture resolution relation
rapid shooting
Figure5:Rapid shooting examples.

Mission #3 : Massage transmission service

XI-V has the function of transmitting messages stored in the satellite via morse-coded CW signal and FM packet. The messages can be received all over the world. After the launch, messages will be collected from the public and uploaded to the satellite.
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