Flash report page for the launch.
00:27 LSS receive CW
00:25 ISSL,Nihon Univ. receive CW
00:23 HIT receive CW
23:30 A toast to the success of XI-IV
22:50 Satellite status is normal.
22:48 Kyusyu Univ. receive XI-V CW.
22:46 ISSL and LSS receive XI-V CW.
22:44 HIT receive XI-V CW. (Congratulations on first reception!)
20:58 Dr. Tsuda comes to ISSL.
20:52 Mr. Nakada and Ms. Nagayama comes to ISSL.
20:35 Mr. Yamagen comes to ISSL.
20:20 Congratulatory message from Mr. Oda.
19:15 Signal from UWE-1 is confirmed.
19:10 Prof. Nakasuka is back to ISSL.
18:50 Objects are detected on the planned orbit by NORAD.
18:30 Dinner is delivered.
17:56 XI-IV operation
17:35 SSETI Express operation is confirmed.
17:-- 2nd stage separation is confirmed.
16:16 XI-IV operation
16:01 Congratulatory message from TITech
15:52 Rise to the sky
15:52 Ignition
15:47 ISSL operation room is crowded.
15:43 Mr. Komatsu is back to ISSL.
15:42 10 min to go
15:37 15 min last
15:30 NAO and JAXA team come to ISSL.
15:15 Live TV broadcast from the launch site by ESA.
15:15 Update the time table for XI-V
15:10 Comments from developers
14:00 Press briefing
13:28 Antenna calibration
13:00 CW decode training
11:30 Lunch time
10:30 Operation room is set up.
10:00 Meeting starts.