Flash report page for the launch.
04:36 Ground Station of UT received CW from XI!
04:34 Oda@Sugadaira has received CW from XI!
03:16 According to the information from Denmark, CW from XI(UT) & CUTE(TITech) has been received.
02:20 Link with Russia is over.
02:10 We got information about the orbit of MOST from Russia.
24:52 Upper stage seems to separate all satellite.
24:48 XI (& CUTE) separation!!!
24:46 MOST separation.
24:44 Entering radio-visibility zone.
24:42 Cut-Off upper stage.(estimation)
24:41 Third ignition of upper stage.(estimation)
24:33 Soon, XI will be separated.
24:02 MIMOSA separation.(estimation)
24:00 Cut-Off upper stage.(estimation)
23:59 Second ignition of upper stage.(estimation)
23:45 Handover of FORMAT 0.
23:30 Rocket is flying as scheduled.End of first burn of upper stage.
23:22 Loss of radio-visibility.Launch succeeded!
23:20 The Sugadaira team arrived at Sugadaira.2nd/3rd stage separation.Upper stage ignition.
23:20 Cut-Off second stage.
23:18 Payload fairing jettison.
23:17 1st/2nd stage separation.
23:15 Rocket is launched!!
23:08 Rocket has appeared to Russia team.
23:05 Last 10 minutes to the launch.
22:50 Power unit of the upper stage of rocket started.Launch command start!
22:32 Propulsion control system checked.
22:24 Final meeting.Our minimum success has been achieved!
22:16 Rocket is established to the launch pad. Last 1 hour to the launch.
22:15 Tsuda, Ukawa, Soe arrive at ISSL. Most of CubeSat developers gather in ISSL.
22:07 Wind velocity over Plesetsk is 10m/s.Launch will be carried out as scheduled.
21:51 Kanairo arrives at ISSL.
21:50 The Sugadaira team arrived at Sugadaira.
21:43 voice connection between UT-TITech is established.
21:40 Yamagen, Arikawa arrives at ISSL.
21:35 Link is established between UT-TITech-Plesetsk. Launch is as scheduled.
20:00 Dinner
18:53 Power up D2 bus.
18:00 Real time distribution of images for related persons starts.
17:10 initial status check up.
16:30 The Sugadaira team departure
14:00 Reorganization the room for operation