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Basic information on ISSL ground station
Basic information on ISSL ground station.

Location Latitude 35.715 N / Longitude 139.761 E / Altitude 43m (WGS84)
Call Sign JQ1YCX
Ground Station
DELL DELL PowerEdge SC 1420
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
TNC-505 (TASCO) TNC-505
Transceiver IC-910D (ICOM) IC-910D
Antenna Rotator Elevation Rotator
ERC5A (Creative Design)
Elevation Rotator
Azimuth Rotator
RC5A-3 (Creative Design)
Azimuth Rotator
Power Supplier GSS1200 (Diamond Antenna) GSS1200
GSV3000 (Diamond Antenna) GSV3000
Ground Antenna x213 : VHF
x727 : UHF
(Creative Design)
Ground Antenna
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