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ISSL Ground Station

News at ISSL Ground Station.

  Our ground station
Information on our ground facilities.

  Our satellites under operation
Information on our satellites under opeartion. We are now operating our first and second hand-made satellites called "CubeSat XI-IV" and "XI-V." Newly launched satellites will also be shown here.

  Data format description & Analysis software download
Here we describe the data format of our satellites. You can download some applications to analyze the data you received from our satellites.

  Orbital calculation software (Virtual Ground Staion 3)
We offer an orbital calculation application for free. Before you use it, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

  Operation schedule and results
Operation schedule and results of the satellites under operation are shown here. You can check the everyday status and the obtained images from the satellites.

  ISSL Satellite Operation Center (ISOC)
Laboratory's members only.

  XI-IV & XI-V camera image information
Information on camera images captured by XI-IV & XI-V is shown here. You can check the capturing time, location, and the image status.

  Ground Station Network (GSN)
Laboratories majoring in space engineering cooperate together to make operations more efficient by connecting mutual ground stations. This concept is called "Ground Station Network". This link will lead you to GSN project website in UNISEC.

  Point of Contact
Point of contact to our ground station.

Links to our project sites, cooperating laboratories, and related organizations.

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