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News related to our ground station.



The 1st International Workshop on Ground Station Network

The 1st international workshop on Ground Station Network will be held at the University of Tokyo on July 18 and 19. This workshop, organized by UNISEC, is a great opportunity for every satellite developing universities to obtain knowledge and skill to construct their own ground station and to join GSN project. For more detailed information, please visit the workshop website.

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Oscar Numbers were given to XI-IV and XI-V

Oscar numbers were given to University of Tokyo's two CubeSats (XI-IV: launched in June 2003, XI-V: launched in October 2005).

Henceforth, XI-IV will be officially known as CUBESAT-OSCAR-57 (CO-57), and XI-V as CUBESAT-OSCAR-58 (CO-58). We owe this proud bestowal of Oscar numbers to our CubeSats to cordial support and cooperation of many related people. We would like to express our thanks to all of you.

The following message is from Mr. Bill Tynan (W3XO).

By the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I am pleased to issue OSCAR numbers for your CubeSat amateur radio satellites.

Henceforth, XI-IV launched in 2003 will be known as CUBESAT-OSCAR-57, or CO-57 and XI-V launched with SSETI Express in 2005 will be known as CUBESAT-OSCAR-58 or CO-58.

AMSAT-NA and I wish to congratulate you and your entire team for the successful construction, testing and launching of these innovative spacecraft. Your pioneering work certainly inspires others to follow your lead.

73 and Best Wishes,

William A. (Bill) Tynan, W3XO

What is Oscar Number?
Oscar number is a kind of ID number given to amateur radio satellites by AMSAT-NA. To be given Oscar number, several standards should be met. "OSCAR" is an abbreviation of "Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio."

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University of Tokyo and Cal Poly started joint experiments
on Ground Station Network (GSN)

Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL), The University of Tokyo, and Multidiciplinary Space Technologies Laboratory (MSTL), California State Polytechnic University have agreed to start joint experiments on Ground Station Network (GSN).

As a first step, MSTL is now transmitting uplink commands to XI-IV from their Cal Poly Earth Station. This uplink experiments were succeeded first on March 23. XI-IV made a FM downlink back to ground except the vicinity of Japan for the first time. If you are in California and at its vicinity, you may receive FM packets from XI-IV during its operation by Cal Poly. For more details, please contact Cal Poly Earth Station.

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