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We offer an application for orbital calculation here.
Before utilizing it, please confirm the terms and conditions below.

[1] Operation Environment
  1. This application works only on the computer whose operating system is any one of Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. Additionally you will need .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed to your computer. You can download .NET 2.0 through the distribution page of this application, or through Windows Update.
  2. This software adopts the technology called "ClickOnce", and you can install this application through our distribution page. After visiting the page and installing it, you can start the application even if your computer is off line.
  3. If you cannot satisfy the above conditions, please find another application suitable for your environment.
[2] License Agreement
  1. Starting this software means that you would accept all the terms and conditions below. If you cannot accept any description below, please do not use this application.
  2. ISSL, University of Tokyo owns the copyright of this application.
  3. Copyright infringement activities such as copying and disassembling are strictly prohibited.
  4. ISSL offers this application to those who need it for free.
  5. ISSL does not comply with any compensation if at all you or your computer suffered any damage from this application. It is you who has the full responsibility on using it.
  6. If you have any comment or find some bug, please notify us through an e-mail. Our contact point is shown here. Please note that sending your report does not directly mean our software update.
[3] Instructions For Use
  1. This application will be automatically installed when you download it through the distribution page. Though some pop-up windows may appear, you need not to care it.
  2. To uninstall this application from your computer, just visit Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, find "Virtual Ground Station 3", then click it.
  3. This application check if there is some update before starting. If some update is available, it will be automatically downloaded.
  4. Orbit information is obtained through the following three ways. "ISSL GS web service", "Download from websites you specified", "Local files you specified." Using ISSL GS web service is the default setting. You can configure websites and local files to obtain orbit information.
  5. The distribution of this application may fail if you are not using Internet Explorer. Visit the distribution page with Internet Explorer if you have no special reasons not to use it.
  6. This application automatically gathers the orbit information through XML web service site offered by ISSL ground station and other websites you specified. It may take time to get that information depending on your computer and internet environment. Please be patient until satellite names are listed in the selection box.
  7. If you have any question about this application, contact us.

After you accept the above terms and conditions,
visit the distribution page to install it.

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