About Nakasuka Lab.

In Nakasuka Laboratory(ISSL:Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory),we are studying about space systems design and operation, navigation, guidance and control, small satellites, autonomy and intelligence for space systems, space robotics and machine learning. And we are developing and operating satellites in order to educate future space enginners and break a new ground of small satellites.


CubeSat"XI-IV" is our first orbital satellite, which is only 10cm size and 1kg weight. XI-IV and Cute-I(LSS,Tokyo Institute of Technology) were launched in 2003-06-30,they are the first orbital CubeSats in the world.

And our 2nd satellite "XI-V" was launched in 2005-10-27. Two CubeSats are still regularly performing their mission, taking and sending us beautiful photos of the earth.

1:Appearance of CubeSat XI-IV
2:Photos taken by XI-IV/XI-V


Moreover, in 2009-1-23, the 3rd satellite "PRISM"(Pico-satellite for Remote-sensing and Innovative Space Missions) was launched by H-IIA F15 as piggyback of satellite "IBUKI"(GOSAT).

PRISM is 20cm class remote-sensing satellite, which can obtain the images with 10m-class resolution at drastically low cost, that is supposed to be the needs of small satellites.

1:Appearance of PRISM 2:PRISM in the H-IIA rocket interface(Taken by the camera on GOSAT) 3:Photos by PRISM main camera(it obtains 30m resolution!) and sub camera


Nano-JASMINE is the 4th satellite project from ISSL. We are now making best effort to realize ultra-high-accuracy and low-cost space astrometry system in this satellite.