Nano-JASMINE Launch Contract(26 Feb 2010)

Nano-JASMINE(Nano - Japan Astrometry Satellite Mission for INfrared Exploration, 35kg, 50cm Cube) is a satellite developed by NAOJ, Kyoto University, and the University of Tokyo to compile star catalogues in Z-band - and we contracted to launch Nano-JASMINE by Cyclone-4 rocket.

The launch of Nano-JASMINE is scheduled for August 2011 from Alcantara, Brazil. Nano-JASMINE is the first astrometry satellite in Japan (and the second in the world, following ESA's Hipparcos space astrometry mission) , and will take giant leap in Japanese space astrometry.

Recent innovations on a CCD detector and other components make possible Nano-JASMINE's accurate observation that is equivalent to the Hipparcos satellite - and we expect a higher order accurate catalogue of stars with proper motions by a combination of Hipparcos and Nano-JASMINE misison data.

Cyclone-4 (c)SDO Yuzhnoye
Nano-JASMINE Overview Nano-JASMINE Telescope Model
Nano-JASMINE OverviewNano-JASMINE Telescope Model
EM Integration EM Overview
EM IntegrationEM Overview