Jan. 23, 2013
PRISM 4th anniversary & PRISM Photo Contest!
Today is the fourth anniversary of the launch of PRISM.
In commemoration of the 4th anniversary, the popularity contest website for photo taken by PRISM was opened.
Please check the photo taken by PRISM and vote the favorite ones!
The popularity contest website.

Oct. 17, 2012
HAM Radio Service is launched
The HAM service, one of the mission statements of PRISM, is launched. Please see below pages for more information.
HAM Service page.

May. 23, 2011
HAM Service Test
The HAM service, one of the mission statements of PRISM, has been tested. This services is coming soon and stay tuned!

Apr. 25, 2011
Make: Technology on Your Time
Make vol.11 Great News about PRISM! You can find the article about the development of PRISM in vol.11 of "Make: Technology on Your Time". This article was written from the view as an engineer about how difficult and interesting the space development at universities is. Never miss it!
You can also find many other interesing articles!

Mar. 3, 2011
COLLABORATION with Tama Art University: Let's Receive the Signal!
XI-V 4th Birthday!! The second series of activities to receive the signal! We tried to catch the signal from PRISM using a hand-made Yagi antenna with colleagues from Tama Art University. We are planning to create something new using the signal from the space.. Stay tuned!
Members who are trying to receive the signal

Feb. 9, 2011
PRISM Manual Operation Training
This is a training for newcomers of the groundstation subsystem. They learned how to catch the signal with a Yagi antenna manually. Usually, GMS(Groundstation Management Service) provides us the way to control the devices of the groundstation automatically. The result is ... yes, we could hear the powerful voice from HITOMI!
Manual Tracking1 Manual Tracking2
Oken who check the orbit information (Left) Antenna: Tanaka-kun (Center) / Freq: Takisawa-kun(right)

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Jan. 29, 2011
The 2nd Anniversary!!
January 23 is the birthday of HITOMI! We have experienced a lot of things after the launch but the challenge of PRISM is not over. Please keep your attention to PRISM!
PRISM 2st Anniversary! PRISM Birthday Cake1 PRISM Birthday Cake2
ISSL Members celebrating the birthday PRISM on the cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HITOMI!

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Mar. 1, 2010
PRISM Operation Meeting
We discussed the operation plan of PRISM.

Jan. 23, 2010
The 1st Anniversary of PRISM!
Today is the birthday of PRISM! She could survive one-year life in space without a big trouble. We held the party to celebrate the anniversary.
PRISM 1st Anniversary! PRISM Birthday Cake2 PRISM Birthday Cake1
PRISM Team @ The Birthday Party Birthday Cake A Miniature PRISM!

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Dec. 23, 2009
The 3rd UT/TIT/NU Nano-satellite Development Review Event
The 3rd UT/TIT/NU Nano-satellite Development Review Event has been held at Nihon University.

Nov. 28, 2009
UNISEC WORKSHOP 2009 @ Keio University
We reported the activities of ISSL at UNISEC Workshop 2009.

Nov. 3, 2009
The 2nd UT/TIT/NU Nano-satellite Development Review Event
The 2nd UT/TIT/NU Nano-satellite Development Review Event has been held at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Oct. 27, 2009
The 4th Anniversary of XI-V
XI-V 4th Birthday!! The 2nd nano-satellite of ISSL, XI-V, reached his 4th birthday! He is still very fine even after four years. We all hope his continued success!

Oct. 24, 2009
The 1st UT/TIT/NU Nano-satellite Development Review Event
University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Nihon University... The three universities leading the nano-satellite development in Japan! We held a joint review event about our nano-satellite development. This event will be held three times and each event will be managed by each university. University of Tokyo is the host of the 1st event and we made presentation about the development of our satellites. The result was concluded as "Super Small Satellite Master Plan".
3 Universities Meeting1 3 Universities Meeting2 3 Universities Meeting3
Opening Dear Colleagues! After the Event..
Masterplan1 Masterplan2 Masterplan3
Super Small Satellite Master Plan 1 Super Small Satellite Master Plan 2 Super Small Satellite Master Plan 3

Oct. 10-17, 2009
Mr. Inamori won the prize! @ IAC 2009
2009 IAC Korea Mr.Inamori, D1 student of ISSL, won the prize of "British Interplanetary Society Prize for presenting the Best Technical Content Paper" at IAC 2009.

Paper Title: "Magnetic dipole moment estimation and compensation for accurate attitude control in nano-satellite missions"
IAC 2009 @ Korea

Oct. 1, 2009
Critical Design Review(CDR) of Nano-JASMINE
CDR of Nano-JASMINE was held which is now under development at ISSL.
Visit Nano-JASMINE Official Website!

Sep. 15, 2009
Presentation at Mechanical Engineering Congress 2009
We presented about our successes of PRISM after launch at Mechanical Engineering Congress 2009.

Sep. 9, 2009
Presentation at The 53rd Space Sciences and Technology Conference
We presented about the results of the operation of PRISM in GOSAT Organized Session at the 53rd Space Sciences and Technology Conference.

Jul. 26, 2009
UNISEC Congress 2009!
We reported the results of PRISM operation at the UNISEC Congress 2009. We could communicate with colleagues from other universities and it was a big success for us.

Jul. 6-10, 2009
The 27th International Symposium on Space Technology and Space in Hamamatsu
PRISM team made presentation at the 27th ISTS. Please visit here for more information.