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- What's New

Recent Activities are Here update:1st.Mar.2010

Operational information are Here

The photos taken by PRISM are Here update:1st.Mar.2010

The information about photo delivery service is Here

We start to deliver the Verification Cards. Sorry for not delivering sooner.

"Plan of PRISM's birthday party on 23th Feb!"

On 23th Feb, PRISM become 1 year old.
Thanks to all of you, PRISM is working without any problems!!
We had the PRISM's birthday party!

We looked back on the great past year and promised to progress more in future years.


Additionally, we prepare the WallPapers for the memory of 1year old birthday! Please download them!!

Point to the image and click. Then, large images will appear.
The size of large images are all 1280×1024[pixs].

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“Success to take an image with main camera”

Now, we try to take a fine image with main camera.
Below image is the latest one.
(Original image is
greenish by camera's nature.)
(All the images which we have taken are shown image gallery.)

We have taken the image at West Coast, considering that there is not much cloud in usual, and we could get the
image that enable us to verify the ground.

before adjust after adjust

The curve line at the bottom part of image may be coast line.

impress the coast line

We tried to find the place of the image ,,,, and we can find the place!!

A new age of remote-sensing by super small satellites is coming !!
We will adjust the parameter with analysis of this image.

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“Success to deploy the extensible boom”

We have succeeded to deploy the extensible boom!!
Extensible boom is optical telescope composed of flexible architecture. This structure is our new idea for taking images at high resolution with super small satellite (Detail is on About project page).
If this boom will work expectedly and take the image with main-camera (NAC), we will complete our main mission.

We use sub-camera's picture for confirming that boom has been deployed. Below pictures are "before deployment","after deployment". The figure identified on the upper right side is boom structure.
We can find the shadow which was not exist before deployment.
As a reference data, we also show the image (boom was deployed) taken on ground test.

before after ground

We estimate that boom has been deployed with these three pictures.
Additionally, the evidence is found in angular rate data.

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"Launched successfully & receive from PRISM "

H2A rocket successfully launched on 12:54 23.Jan.
That day's afternoon, we received the radio wave from PRISM.

We have confirmed that PRISM have started operation in space.
Now we continue to contact and analyze the data.
Real time report is published on blog site, please check it.


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"Data format of PRISM is published"

-> The basic specification of Sat is Here
-> The analysis software is Here

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please send e-mail changing "at" to "@".

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