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XI-V was launched!

Welcome to XI MAIL Station!

Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL), The University of Tokyo has been engaged in nano-/pico-satellite projects since 2000. And in June 2003, we succeeded in launching our hand-made satellite CubeSat XI-IV [sai-four] into orbit. University of Tokyo's CubeSat has been working for a long time (stil working as of Feb. 2006!), and demonstrated us a great potential of nano-satellites.

We continue communicating with our CubeSat XI-IV since launch, and have much data from it. We would like you to enjoy these useful data including beautiful Earth images, and started the service offering them through e-mail. This service is named "XI MAIL" service. This website is the main station of XI MAIL service.

ISSL is going to develop new satellites and launch them after the success of XI-IV, and we will continue delivering their useful data to you through XI MAIL Station. Details will be notified in this website or through e-mails.

Precise information on every satellite project can be viewed at ISSL website. Daily operation status and useful information to receive the radio signal from our satellite are described in ISSL ground station website. Please refer to these sites if you have interest.

Registration to this service, any inquiry, and any action about XI MAIL can be dealed with from the menu on the left.

Enjoy the message from space with us!

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